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Fire Sculpture 

The Glowbus® Dewdrop is an eye-catcher in any garden thanks to its timeless design. The ideal blend between raw simplicity and pure outdoor luxury. 
Dewdrop is made of corten steel (weathering steel). On average, this beautiful rust-coloured steel lasts eight times longer than regular steel. Corten steel owes its durability to its high-density oxide skin (rust layer). It shuts off the steel from the outside air and thus forms a protective layer between the steel and the natural elements.  We recommend placing the Dewdrop on a suitable surface because of the corten steel material. The oxide skin that gives corten steel its unique character may cause a slight discolouration to sensitive surfaces in wet conditions. This is most likely when the oxide skin is still forming. It’s best to place your fire sculpture - or any other object made of corten steel - on sand, gravel or grass. There is removable ash plate under the fire sculpture. 

Corten Steel

150 kg 




220 kg



425 kg



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