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Premium Bioethanol Fireplaces 

Bio Ethanol   

Ethanol is an organic fuel made of plants such as corn, wheat or potatoes and obtained in a process of saccharine fermentation. Ethanol is known to produce lower carbon dioxide emissions and is a particulate-free burning fuel source.

The process of burning the bioethanol fuel is considered “clean”, as the only by-products of it are: heat, CO2 and water vapour. It is an ecological and biologically clean product, which was acquired in a process of a double rectification of an alcohol. Our bioethanol fuel is not suitable for consumption that is why it has undergone the process of denaturation. Using the ethanol fuel does not result in creation of smoke, soot or ash, making it neutral for the environment, therefore there is no need for a cheminy

Net Zero Fireplaces

The net zero fireplace burner incorporates an automatic Burning Ethanol Vapour Technology. The vapour generator changes liquid ethanol into gas and the microprocessor controls the amount of released alcohol. The combustion is clean as it takes place just above the burner where it has a full access to oxygen. No other technology can ensure safe and ecological fire.

The Net Zero Technology heats up the eco fuel, creating ethanol vapours which are then combusted. The entire process is under a full control of the net zero fireplace. While combusted, the alcohol emits carbon dioxide that is then entirely absorbed by plants in photosynthesis. This way, the process comes full circle. 100% of the emissions are compensated by the plants that absorb CO2. Thanks to this, burning ethanol vapours don’t contribute to global warming.

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